Write Your Summer Story!

Tour the Outer Banks and find the writer within.

Blackbeard knew where to come to live and write a chapter of his own story, so why not you? Make this the summer you start a journal and chronicle your time on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.


What is there to write about? Everything. You could start with the magnificent beaches lined with sparkling sand against the crashing waves. Tour the many historical sites for a glimpse (and a spark of inspiration) from the past. Maybe you are the most interested in the various homes and their architecture. Or, are you a shopper? There are lots of quaint stores that could inspire more than just a story. Here are some ideas to get started.


  • Writing can be very solitary, so engage a group of friends in your journey! Give everyone a journal, and pick a theme. Do you have an RV? Pack it full of snacks and drinks and put your writing adventure on wheels. Don’t worry where to park it; we’ve got a space right here just waiting.


  • Research your topic. Local history. Nature. Shopping. Decide what to focus on.   That way you can really get rolling quicker. Encourage friends to do the same. Think about all you will learn on this adventure.


  • Start writing. Once you get some stories in your journal, compare notes with your friends. Maybe you are ready to do a reading together. If so, plan a fun evening around your stories. Buy all of the party supplies now and put them in self-storage. You will be glad you were so organized!


Summer is officially here! And we are ready with lots of self-storage room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your needs to ensure that everything has a place. Leave your RV here. You want to be ready for lots of summer touring.

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