Winter Style!

Find your own style and store the rest.

The season of winter is a great time to reflect. The chilly winds coming off the ocean stir the sand and, often, our thoughts. Since you will likely be indoors more, why not look around and think about redecorating? While this might seem like a great idea, you might be concerned about storing the leftovers? We have lots of room, and we are here to help. Here are some ideas to get you going:


  • Treat yourself to a handful of decorating magazines. Pull out pictures that represent your taste. Once you have a stack, see if a pattern evolves. For example, maybe your choices include a lot of pink or green. Notice your preference of furniture and how it is arranged. This should help you move in a particular direction. Plus it is always fun to see other people’s homes!


  • If your Nags Head house is a permanent residence, you might want to consider changing your décor to reflect the seasons. Maybe some wintertime pillows to signal coziness and summery shell designs to highlight the warmer temperatures. You don’t have to completely redo your interior since new pillows and a throw can transform the mood of a room. You might even consider rotating the wall art to reflect the changing light. Lamps could be switched out as well.


  • During the “off” season, store everything in large plastic bins, carefully marked. You might even choose bins with multi-colored lids to highlight the difference. Think how fun it will be to have a new look for a new season!


The New Year is here! And we are ready with lots of room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your pre- and post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place. You can even leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some winter adventures.

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