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Plan a beachside Thanksgiving.

Can you believe that the holidays are on the way? Wasn’t it just Memorial Day Weekend? Summer is a sweet memory and fall is in full bloom. The light is changing and soon it will be time for gratitude. This year, be creative and have your feast at a table on the beach! Here are suggestions to make certain this year’s Thanksgiving is memorable:


  • Invite all of your favorite people to share the feast! Make a list of special dishes and ask everyone to pick their favorite one to make. Put together a theme. Maybe it is autumn goodness or Virginia delicacies or Thanksgiving tidbits? Just because it is an annual event doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


  • Rent all tableware, tables/chairs and a small tent to keep out the wind. Instead of a flower centerpiece, use gourds, pumpkins and dried corn. They won’t blow away as easy and the beautiful colors will give a lot of spice to the table! Purchase festive paper products so the clean-up will be easy. Most stores have a turkey-related items to make certain each table looks the part.


  • Have a costume party! Encourage everyone to come as their favorite Thanksgiving participant. You can even have a contest to see who looks the most authentic. You might be surprised at how creative your friends and family are.


  • Enjoy the feast! Afterwards, have a long walk on the beach and then dive into the pumpkin pie. It won’t be long now.


The holidays are coming!  And we are ready with lots of room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your pre- and post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place. You can even leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some autumn adventures.

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