Summer Games!

Let’s play for fun.

There’s something special about summer games. The carefree spirit that infects the participants makes everything feel more celebratory. Inside or outside, games are as much a part of summer as suntan lotion. What is the best cure for a rainy day at the beach: cards and board games. And how about the outdoors? Who can resist volleyball on the beach or badminton? Why not start your own game traditions? We’ve got some ideas on how to make it work:


  • Visit local thrift shops and stock up on games for stormy beach days. It’s also fun to play games at night after the ocean has gone to bed but you are not ready to! You might find a great variety at a cheap cost. You will be able to build your collection quickly.


  • Outdoor sports make the summer days fly by! Purchase outdoor essentials now with the Memorial Day Weekend sales. You can store them with us until everyone is out of school and ready to play.


  • Have you thought about prizes? It might increase the fun to award a treat and maybe even give a certificate announcing the winner. Beach towels, pool floats and summer party ware all make great gifts. You could store them in clear plastic containers until you need them. Your guests will be impressed with your thoughtfulness.


  • Make a game schedule. Don’t wait for a rainy beach day! Maybe combine breakfast with a game of Fish. It is a good way to get every one’s day started off in a good direction. Post the schedule on the refrigerator so friends and family can see when the fun begins.

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