Summer Calendar!

Schedule and prepare for the fun.

Do you already feel behind? Are you thinking about all that you want to do and must do this summer? Is it daunting to ponder the many possibilities? Why not organize your thoughts to make certain you don’t miss a minute of the fun on the Outer Banks? Here’s how:


  • Do your research! Check out all of the community lists of upcoming events. Make a running tally of concerts, special events and tours. Maybe you want to enter the July 4th boat parade. Or perhaps you have a knack for fishing. There are area clubs in the area, which might help hook you up with lots of fishing and boating enthusiasts. Are you into yoga? Many community centers offer classes for a nominal amount. In order to make certain you don’t miss any thing, starting working on your summer schedule now.
  • Are there new restaurants in town? Are your favorites still open? Do a quick inventory and plug special lunches and dinners into your summer calendar.
  • When the waves are splashing and the day is sunny, you want to be able to use your RV for touring and boat for water fun. Don’t be caught short with a lack of gas or delayed maintenance. Make note of all of this and keep repairs current and your tank filled.
  • Do friends and family visit during the season? Get their preferred list of dates right away. Slot every one into a time, so you can be ready to entertain and enjoy their company.
  • Rent a self-storage unit! We’ve got lots of room, and now that you are organized, we can store all of your non-food items here. Sit back and enjoy the fun.


Summer is almost here! And we are ready with lots of self-storage room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your needs to ensure that everything has a place. Leave your RV here. You want to be ready for lots of summer touring.

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