Spring Forward!

Get an early jump on the season.

It has been warmer than usual here, so we are thinking spring. A little early, but as long as the temperatures cooperate, let’s do some advance planning. The Outer Banks is the perfect place for spring break and an early summer get away. But you might want to get started now to make certain your house is ready. Maybe tidy up the RV and bring it to the beach and leave it in self-storage. We’ve got lots of room. Here are other thoughts to put on your list of possibilities:


  • Pull all the patio furniture out of storage and take inventory. If the tables and chairs need a good coat of fresh paint, now is the time. Wait for a sunny day, and spray the furniture so it will be ready when alfresco living is in full swing. Experiment with a new color!


  • What about shutters and outside doors? Winter’s cold can take its toll. In addition, the salty spray from the ocean can strip the finish. Before you re-paint, look at a selection of paint colors and decide on a singular look. Maybe it is time for a bold change.


  • Check out the grill, floats, tableware, and any other items used outside. Make certain everything is ready for spring’s inevitable debut. While you have time, get any repairs done so that spring break will be fun and not a workweek.


  • Look inside and see what needs to be repaired. Seat cushions, slipcovers, bedspreads and curtains might need to be refreshed. There a lot of pre-season sales going on now, and you could store everything with us until you need them.


Spring is coming! And we are ready with lots of self-storage room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your needs to ensure that everything has a place. Leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some late winter adventures.

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