Spring Break!

Host a house party.

Now that winter is officially over, we can look forward to warmer days and nights. The ocean breezes will keep the evenings comfortably chilly for an outdoor barbeque and roasting S’mores. Why not invite friends and family to the beach for a house party? Think about how much fun it will be to enjoy their company as you enjoy the first vacation of the season. We have ideas to get you started:


  • Stock the freezer and pantry! You probably did a major cleaning when you left for the winter, so the cupboards are bare. Look for sales on items that you use frequently. Get everything ready for spring break and summer too.


  • Send out invitations to family and friends. Ask them to bring their favorite snack food and drink. To keep things easy and fun, encourage folks to commit to making one meal during the house party. That way you won’t have to cook the entire time!


  • Put together an entertainment committee. Invite friends to choose what they would like to organize. Many beach attractions will begin to open again, so be creative on what you select. Have a mix of historical venues and retail establishments and entertainment options. Think about your guests and tailor the selections accordingly.


  • If there isn’t room in your house, be sure to invite folks to bring their RVs. And don’t worry about parking! We have lots of room. Now is the time to launch small boats for a sunny day spin on the water. It is too early for skiing but never too early to watch the sun slipped below the horizon. Pack a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate in case the wind whips up.


Spring is officially here! And we are ready with lots of self-storage room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your needs to ensure that everything has a place. Leave your RV here. You want to be read for spring break.

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