Ring out the old, Ring in the New!

Let’s make 2018 the best year yet.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? The old song rings true, even today. No matter what you are doing, we have some ideas on organization, planning and fun.


Plan a New Year’s Eve to remember. Maybe even have a special celebration on the beach. It is often warm enough to be outside this time of year. Try something different – like a costume party. Send out invitations and a note that says who the invitee should be. Choose a theme. Historical, modern, hip or perhaps just someone in your neighborhood to immolate. Remember that the idea is to ring in the new year in good spirits. There is an old adage that says whatever you are doing on the first day of the year is what you can look forward to all year long.


How about a cooking contest? Instead of just bringing a dish to the party, find a school or church willing to let you rent or use their facilities. Put together a menu and ask everyone to select a dish to make. If you and your friends are competitive, find judges to rate each dish. Go to local restaurants for qualified folks.


Get organized! We’ve got lots of self-storage space here. Rent a unit and keep holiday decorations and other seasonal décor. Don’t worry any longer about where to put things. Invest in large plastic containers to keep all sorts of non-food supplies. Park your RV here, too. Winter won’t last forever, and the beach will be here long after the chill is gone.


The holidays are fading and a new year is upon us. We are ready with lots of room for all of your decorations and next year’s wrapping supplies. Rent a self-storage unit for all your post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place.


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