New Year, New Fun!

We’re ready for 2017!

We’re counting the days until the New Year! Instead of making resolutions this year, make plans to have more fun, spend more time with those you love and enjoy life. The Outer Banks offers many opportunities for creating a great start to a great 2017. Here’s are some ways to lay the groundwork:


  • Get ready for next Christmas! I know this sounds counter intuitive to beginning anew, but the holidays always come around again. Begin by sorting out all decorations. Decide what to keep and what to give away. Pack and store the rest until December 2017. We have lots of room here!
  • Will you shop the after Christmas sales? Maybe you are hoping to find a lot of gifts for next year. Don’t hesitate to buy bicycles and other large items since we can handle the overflow. If you purchase cards, wrap and other paper goods, we suggest that you keep them together in a large plastic container. At this time of year, you can find a lot of storage boxes designed specifically for Christmas balls and lights. When you open it next year, you will be thrilled with the treasure trove.
  • Start a party closet! Purchase all the materials you will need for parties throughout the year. Separate them out by theme and carefully mark each container.
  • Throw an entertainment shower with your friends. Tell each friend to bring decorations for one season (example St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s, Day, etc.) and then trade the bounty around. This is a more sophisticated and updated version of the cookie exchange.


The New Year is upon us on The Outer Banks. We’ve got lots of room for the extra holiday gifts.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your pre- and post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place. You can even leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some winter adventures.

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