Jingle, Jingle

Where is old Kris Kringle?

How do you make the holidays fresh each year? Maybe you love traditional Christmas celebrations but they are starting to feel a little stale. Or perhaps your children are no longer little and you want to find a way to put the magic back in the season. Since many stores have had their Christmas goods out for months, you might be tired of Christmas yourself. Here are some ideas to put a bit of seasonal zing in your 2017 holiday routine:


  • Have a treasure hunt! But instead of looking for gold coins, try to find Kris Kringle! Make a cardboard cutout (life size, if possible) and hide it around The Outer Banks. Get local restaurants and businesses involved. They could use it in their advertisements and encourage customers to come in and see if Mr. Kringle is waiting! Offer a prize for the person who finds him in the most places. You might even want to make a cellphone application for the search.


  • Engage teenage children to write a story as they search for Kris Kringle. Hold an essay contest and ask local English teachers to judge the results. Put a holiday gift basket together for a prize. Don’t forget to include books from local stores and candy and movie passes! You can store all nonfood items with us! Self-storage is a great idea for all of your holiday gift and party overflow.


  • Now that you are in the spirit, have a wrap-up party! Invite Kris Kringle and have every one share their favorite memories of searching for him. Cheers!


The holidays are here!  And we are ready with lots of room for all of your treasures.  Don’t worry about buying too much or getting too much stuff. Rent a self-storage unit for all your pre- and post- holiday needs to ensure that everything has a place. You can even leave your RV here. You might want to have it available for some holiday fun and adventures.

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