Goodbye, Summer!

Say farewell with fun and style.

When the local stores take away the beach related items and replace them with back to school supplies, you know that summer is fading.   Soon, yellow buses will compete with cars for a place on the road, and children with backpacks will be standing on street corners. Saying goodbye to warm days and cool ocean breezes may be hard, but the good news is that summer, in all its glory, will return. We’ve got some ideas on how to let go with style:


  • Gather friends and family for a year-end bash, complete with music, picnic food, and beach tent and fun tableware. Once you have finished, pack it all up and store all non-food items with us. We’ve got plenty of room.
  • Launch a clean out of your home and downsize objects that no longer work with your lifestyle or décor. Contact local churches and other charitable organizations to give away unneeded items. Remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Also consider holding a yard sale and donating the proceeds to charity including local schools that might need supplies to begin the year.
  • Visit local shops and restaurants one last time before closing down your summer life. Invite friends and family to join in on the fun. Maybe this can become an annual ritual?
  • Inventory your house and see what needs to be replaced. Check out local sales and purchase next year’s items now. For larger items such as bicycles, store them with us until the season comes round again.

Consult one of our storage specialists on your needs, and they will help select a unit. Considering how accessible our units are, you will think they are an extension of your home. Summer is fading fast and fall is fast approaching. We’ve got you covered with a self-storage unit.

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