Get Ready!

Summer is here; ready or not!

Have your bought a new beach umbrella?  (There are a lot of sales right now!)  How about your beach towels?  Do they need a refresh?  And, the rod iron furniture, is a touch-up due?  Memorial Day is the official start of summer and with that behind us, the fun in the sun is within reach.  We have all been dreaming about breezy nights and warms days, especially with the exceptionally chilly winter.  Now is your chance to make the next three months make up for lost time.  Here are some thoughts to get you going:


  • Look in the kitchen and see what’s what. Do you have enough cutlery for a crowd?  Are there too many knives and not enough forks?  How about indoor and outdoor linens?  You can never have too many napkins or table cloths.


  • Look closely at the indoor-outdoor furniture. Invest in some good indoor/outdoor paint and give everything a good spray.  Remember when you get all of this done at the beginning of the summer, you can relax and enjoy your time the rest of the season.


  • Stock up the pantry! Spices and other non-perishable foods should be replenished right away.  And don’t forget your restrooms — make certain you have enough toiletries for yourself and guests.


  • Game night! Not every day at the beach is a sunny one.  Be sure you vary the ages so you have enough games for each level.  Who can resist a rousing game of Monopoly?


Summer is coming on strong and so is the rainy season! If you are worried about making certain that outdoor furnishings are protected, store them here.  We have lots of room and on-site self-storage specialists to help you select just the right unit for your needs.  And, don’t forget your RV.  Park it with us so you can focus on your house.



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