Fall Fun!

Summer doesn’t have to be the end of good beach times.

The light is changing, and the eclipse has passed, so fall must be on the way. It has been a hot, hot summer, so cooler temperatures could offer more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. The ocean is still here, and the sand continues to sparkle, so come visit. Do you have an RV? This is the perfect time to explore The Outer Banks. Plus you can park your RV with us. We have other ideas on how to make this fall special:

  • Buy patio essentials now — LED lights, tables, chairs, cushions and lanterns — and don’t wait to use them. With the temperatures now cooler, have a beach party and use all of your new finds. School supplies are now filling the shelves, so there are a lot of bargains to be found.
  • Halloween! It is coming, so plan some spooky fun on Blackbeard’s old playground. If the infamous pirate found this area enchanting, then take the hint and start collecting all of the fixings for a party. You can store all non-food items in self-storage. We know just the place. Why not have a Halloween party and supply the costumes? Folks could come as they are, and leave as Dracula!
  • How about a beachside Thanksgiving? Our climate is very temperate, so it is possible that a feast on the beach might be perfect. Start making a plan, complete with how to set up your table in the sand, menu items, and guest list. Self-storage is the perfect place to keep all non-food essentials. Your family and friends will be impressed and excited to share turkey and the trimmings in a different and beautiful venue.

Summer is fading! And we are ready with lots of self-storage room for all of your treasures.  Rent a self-storage unit for all your needs to ensure that everything has a place. Leave your RV here. You want to be ready for lots of autumn touring.


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