Fall Forward Fun!

Cool Breezes and Warm Wanderings…

Isn’t fall great?  After a hot summer, it is refreshing to have cooler temperatures to enjoy the beauty of The Outer Banks.  There are fall festivals and pre-holiday sales and boat parades.  But, first, you might want to make certain your home is ready for the winter weather and your holiday supplies are replenished and up-to-date.  Here are some thoughts on how to make it happen:

  • Create a ‘winter watch’ plan. Look at the traditional weather patterns of winter in our area; plot your efforts to winterize your home and outside belongings.  Then, make a realistic schematic to repair and ready your home for brisker and, possibly, damaging winds.
    • Do the shutters need painting?
    • Are the windows able to withstand the remnants of an active hurricane season?
    • How about the outside patio furniture?
    • Do the chaise and table and chairs need painting?
    • Can painting and repairs wait until the spring or will the winter make it worse?

Consider everything as you design your course of action.  This will pay dividends when you open up next spring.

  • Get ready for the barrage of fall holidays!   Thanksgiving.  Hanukkah.  Christmas. New Years.  These are the BIG celebrations, all lumped together!  If you want to enjoy the festivities, make certain you are organized up front.  It will take some time. But it will be so worth it.
    • Make a list of parties for the fall. Decide which ones you will be hosting; look at those parties you will just be attending.  What will be needed?  Start this as a tradition and you will only have to update it each year.  Make certain you have a large plastic container to keep disposable tabletop supplies.

Fall is here; get ready for family and food and fun.  And If you need somewhere to put your summer supplies or furniture or non-food item, we are certain to have a self-storage unit to fit your needs.  Our specialists are here to help you.


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