Baby, it’s (still) Cold Outside!

The chilliest winter on record.

Are you ready for spring? We are. Even the ocean seems tired of the extreme temperatures. This winter has provided us with unique problems we don’t usually have. Because of The Outer Banks’ history of having a year-round temperate climate, you seldom need to go to any unusual lengths to winterize your home. This year has tried us all. Here are our suggestions for making certain that no matter how cold it is outside, you can be ready for spring.


  • Consider moving outdoor furniture to a self-storage unit. Depending on the type of furniture, the extreme swings in temperatures could weaken the structure. You might even find yourself having to buy an entire new set when the spring breezes start to blow.


  • How about outdoor cushions and umbrellas? Since most of these items are not made to sustain subzero temperatures, you might receive an unhappy surprise when you open your patio for spring. Gather them up and bring them to us! We have a temperature controlled units that won’t expose your belongings to the elements.


  • Thing SPRING! Keep your spirits high by contemplating now how you can prepare for a return to the joys of outdoor living. Stores are beginning to stock their shelves with new items. And because it has been so cold this year, they might be having sales to jump start the season. Not many folks are thinking about buying patio items right now, so be the first and get in on all the best deals.


Winter is a bear this year! What will you do to keep your sanity? If you are worried about making certain that outdoor furnishings are protected, store them here. We have lots of room and on-site self-storage specialists to help you select just the right unit for your needs. And, don’t forget your RV. Park it with us so you can focus on your house.




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