A Patriotic 4th!

Celebrate America’s birthday with a special presentation.

America’s independence from Great Britain was a turning point in the history of the world. We have all benefited from the bravery of those first patriots. Let’s make this July 4th a special time for children of all ages! Put together a party, complete with colonial characters in costume, to illuminate the story of America and how it relates to our lives in the present day.


  • Contact a costume shop, and rent costumes of your favorite colonial historical figures. Gather friends together and decide who should take on the role of a person from our nation’s past. Imagine the fun you will have! Maybe a spark or two will fly as well. Store the costumes in clear plastic containers until you are ready for the big reveal. We know the perfect self-storage place.


  • Plan to stage a show for the kids on the beach or on a neighbor’s patio. Now that you have “characters” to play the parts, you can put together a script for each actor. Plan rehearsal dates, and be sure to include snacks to make it fun. Add some patriotic music to the event to add drama to the scenes. This is where you can let your creative juices flow. Who knows, this may become a July 4th


  • Order a birthday cake! You can’t very well have a celebration without cake (decorated with red white and blue, of course). Purchase patriotic paper goods, including cups and linens. Since they are disposable, clean up will be a cinch. Be sure to stock up on flags, and give them out to children and adults.


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